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What our clients are saying

Pyramid Services have carried out a few electrical jobs for us recently and have always arrived on time, being conscience in our home and left us with quality workmanship. Would fully recommend.

Scott Wadsworth who had Parent Service No Child in Wakefield

Pyramid Electricians Did a great job of my complete rewire in Horbury. They handled all the relevant certificates for me.They were punctual and very clean and tidy! I had a user problem and they came straight back no problem, even when it was my fault. I am thinking about a home network and will be using Pyramid!

Stephen Garfit who had Child Service in Wakefield

Emergency call out. They had a very professional manner, quoted the price upfront and were quick to come out to the house.

Paul Jennings who had Parent Service 2 in Wakefield

Had Pyramid Services in to do a couple or jobs including installing sockets and light fittings as well as an alarm on my new house. Always professional and tidy which is why I always go back to them. They’ve also done a lot of work for my parents and have always demonstrated good value for money. 10/10 would recommend to anyone!

Michael Poultney who had Parent Service Child Service in Horbury

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Our hard work and investment in training, means that Pyramid Services have developed long standing relationships with their clients.

This is why we are repeatedly selected to provide electrical and locksmith services to a wide range of different businesses.

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5 The Office Campus,
Paragon Business Park,
Wakefield, WF1 2UY

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